Andre Desmedt

Truss Designer
EWP designer. Bachelor of Engineering. 17 year experience.

Garnet Young

Truss Designer
BCIN certified. Engineering Technologist. 33 years of experience.


Kitchen/Bathroom Designer

Jody Leblanc

Truss Designer
EWD Designer. 1 year experience.


Interior Designer & Kitchen/Bathroom Design

Sean Hallett

Small Building Designer
BCIN certified. ICF construction. Architectural Technician. 18 years experience.


Adam Holland

Engineered Wood Designer
12 years experience.

Grant Holland

Engineered Wood Designer
BCIN certified. Small building designer. Engineering technologist. 26 years experience.

Rus Carlstrom

Truss Designer
17 years experience.


Truss Dealer Manager
Truss designer. 37 years experience.

Tony Walker

Custom Home and Small Commercial Building Designer
BCIN certified. 30 years of experience.

Noah Kuipery

Truss Designer
EWP designer. 3 years experience.